Natalie Overton Counselling


"Since working with Natalie I've noticed a great improvement in my mental health and overall positivity, I'd recommend her to anyone".

- Alex, 2020

“If you’re reading this site, unsure whether or not to proceed, just make that call or send that email! Making the decision to begin therapy was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I have worked with Natalie in long-term therapy for a number of years and feel very comfortable with her. Natalie is very professional in her approach to counselling. She is respectful, understanding, empathic but most importantly Natalie is always present during sessions which makes you feel valued and heard!

Natalie practices client centered counselling but is very flexible and can utilise various other therapeutic methods to help guide her clients to achieving their desired outcomes.

Natalie is a godsend and I truly couldn’t recommend her enough.”

- Gary, 2020

"Counselling is all about listening and understanding what the problem is. Only then advice can be given, and how to proceed with life in a positive way.

Natalie has lots to offer and a phone call to her can put you on the road to positivity in your life."

- Graeme, 2020

"I was nervous about starting counselling but Natalie set me to ease right away. Her energy and the way she works is comforting and caring. She goes above and beyond what is expected. I couldn't ask for a better counsellor and I will always be grateful for having found her. She's helped make a real difference to my life through counselling. Look no further than Natalie."

- K, 2020

"I was really anxious to the point I was feeling sick and never felt relaxed. I felt like I couldn't concentrate on anything else. I knew I needed help as I was consumed with anxiety and was really nervous as counselling was new to me. But now I feel happy and relaxed, I'm like a different person & am able to reduce & manage my anxieties. I found the service amazing, the conversation flowed easily as Natalie is very easy to talk to. I was able to explore all of my issues in a safe, non-judgemental way & I can't thank Natalie enough".

-A, 2020